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Appeal for Sanctioned Councillors Officially Dropped

Rocky View Council held a relatively short Council meeting this week (Tuesday, December 7, 2021) and during the meeting it was decided to officially drop the appeal vs. the sanctioned three Councillors. Council went in camera, minus the sanctioned three who recused themselves, to discuss the ongoing appeal. When they emerged, Councillor Boehlke made a motion to drop the appeal. The motion passed unanimously (4-0). Councillors Boehlke and Schule had voted against a backhanded attempt to cancel the appeal brought forward last meeting. Councillor Samra had brought forward a motion to continue the appeal only to vote against it along with Mayor Kochan making the vote 2-2 with Councillors Schule and Boehlke voting in favour. Clearly it was determined that this attempt was not a legally binding motion, and Councillors Boehlke and Schule decided to move on, take the more mature route, and officially move past the whole sanctioning fiasco. Mayor Kochan made brief comments after the motion passed, complimenting Schule and Boehlke for their decision, stating that it was best to move forward for this new Council and all the residents of Rocky View. A motion arising was brought forward by Councillor Schule directing administration to review the Code of Conduct Bylaw and return to Council with a report.

CMRB is Back in Session

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) has resumed meeting. The Board met last week and though it was mostly an orientation meeting for the new representatives, there was an interesting and noteworthy discussion. Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown raised the issue of Strathmore and Wheatland being allowed to leave the Board as both have indicated they do not see the sense in taking part. Foothills Reeve Delilah Miller also stated that Foothills County would like to be given the same consideration. The discussion did not come to any conclusions, and it may be raised at a future meeting. There are also rumblings that Chestermere might have some concerns as well. The Minister of Municipal Affairs is set to make a ruling soon on the growth plan provided by the Board to the province. The rurals all voted against the growth plan but were outnumbered by the urbans. There is a governance committee meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 16th at 9:00am. The regular Board meetings resume in the new year. You can watch the meetings live by clicking on the link provided on the CMRB website ( There was a technical problem with the feed for this first meeting and the feed did not become available until forty minutes into the agenda.

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