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A special meeting is being held on Monday (May 17) at Rocky View Council and you may want to watch the proceedings online.

The consultants hired by the CMRB to draft the regional growth plan will be presenting to Rocky View Council along with CMRB administration.

You can watch the meeting live at 9:00am by clicking on this link:

The CMRB is in the final stages of drafting its proposed growth plan for the region. Members are scheduled to vote on the plan soon with the date to hand it over to the province being June 1st. This proposed plan would be devastating for rural municipalities, effectively sterilizing most of the lands for the rurals.

You can view the proposed growth plan here:

Rocky View Council will be able to ask questions though to this point the voices of the rurals have been virtually ignored at the CMRB Board.

At the CMRB this past week, provincial representatives indicated that the province will not make a decision regarding the Board’s growth plan until the fall, after the municipal election. This is terribly shortsighted, leaving the region mired in uncertainty as landowners, entrepreneurs, and developers are left in limbo as to what direction the province will take.

Rural landowners and residents should be very wary of the direction this proposed growth plan is going. The urban dominated Board continually votes to allow growth with no rules or limits to be permitted in urban municipalities, while the hands of rurals are completely shackled.

Please remember to call your UCP contacts to have your voices heard.

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