In the words of Churchill, “It is not enough to float. We have to swim.”

Where is Winston Churchill when we need him, because Canada needs a grown-up leader at the helm right now. Churchill was Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister during World War II and rose to the occasion in a time of great sacrifice and challenge. Yet, Churchill would have been out of his element standing beside Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau today. Where teleprompters, focus groups, and yes-men experts feed our prime minister his lines, Churchill said what needed to be said and led his people to victory in the face of desperate odds. The two could not be more different from each other, and Canada needs better. 

Churchill is a master-class in leadership. R.V. Jones said that Churchill, “understood the essence of supreme decisions: yea or nay, right or left, advance or retreat. He knew the strengths and weaknesses of experts. He knew how easy it is for the man at the summit to receive too rosy a picture from his intelligence advisors.”

Churchill listened to his experts and often insisted on having experts with different opinions in the room. He knew he answered to his people, not the voices standing around his desk. Some days he agreed with the experts, some days he dismissed them, but everyday he knew his primary task was to preserve his people, and history proves he was the man for the task. 

Not only did Churchill know how to think critically on behalf of his people in the face of conflicting expert advice, Churchill had developed a gut-instinct. He read voraciously, everything from poetry to philosophy, and poured over 100 years of parliamentary history. He was a life-long learner who prepared his mind to think critically and became decisive in his actions. Thankfully so, his life of preparation saved England, the Commonwealth, and many others.

Under pressure, Prime Minister Trudeau bows to the whims of eco-experts and liberal social-engineers. When it comes to advisors, he sets up his college buddy, Gerald Butts and gives ministry roles to the guys in his wedding party. It’s as close to nepotism as we can get in Canada. If one of the good ol’ boys he used to party with says he should bow to protestors blocking railways: he does. Ban a random set of guns: sure. Tax Carbon: why not? 

Canada is blessed with some of the smartest experts in the world. People with the education and experience to help us understand some parts of this pandemic. Yet they were never given the keys, the credit card, and the drivers seat. Our experts might offer insight along the way, but it is our the elected officials who decide where to go, for the good of the whole country, not the experts. Trudeau has given experts a blank cheque. The truth is that experts know only a piece of the big picture, and it’s up to good leadership to decide what to do with all the small pieces of information.

Instead, Trudeau leads a whiplash parade, following every expert down whatever trail they entice him along, instead of setting a course and tapping the experts when, and only if, they are needed. Trudeau does not have an internal moral compass based on principle. In its place, he has a deep-rooted need to please his buddies and look the part. 

In the words of Churchill, “It is not enough to float. We have to swim.” In Trudeau, we are witnessing a floater who moves with the current of popular leftist fancy fed by experts who see the world only through their limited vision. Canadians are in the deep end and we are getting tired of treading water. Sadly, with Trudeau as the lifeguard, it looks like its sink or swim. 

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