New Reeve/Deputy Reeve Sworn in

Rocky View County has a new Reeve and Deputy Reeve. Division 7 Councillor Dan Henn is now Reeve Dan Henn and Division 2 Councillor Kim McKylor is now Deputy Reeve Kim McKylor. The two were promoted at the annual organizational meeting this week. In a strong showing of solidarity, former Reeve Greg Boehlke nominated Henn for the Reeve position and former Deputy Reeve Al Schule nominated McKylor for the Deputy Reeve position. Councillor Kissel was nominated and unsuccessful in her run for both positions.

Boehlke served five years as Reeve doing a stalwart job in the role during a difficult and challenging time. His presence will be missed and the new Reeve has big shoes to fill, particularly around the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) table where Boehlke has been a champion defending Rocky View residents, and indeed all rural Albertans against the big brother next door.

Reeve Henn was gracious and humble in his acceptance of the new role choking up as he referred to Boehlke as a mentor and good friend over the years. McKylor was equally gracious in thanking her colleagues for the support. Both Boehlke and Schule deserve a tip of the cap for a job well done and for mentoring and preparing their colleagues for their new positions.

Henn and McKylor have shown tremendous potential in their three years on Council and we are looking forward to working with them for the betterment of Rocky View County and the region in the year ahead. We congratulate them on their new positions and the residents of Rocky View County can know they have strong, solid, and capable voices as the new Reeve and Deputy Reeve.

Other Decisions and Board Appointments

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) meetings will be moved to Wednesdays in 2021. They will remain on Thursdays until the new year.

Councillor Jerry Gautreau remains Chair of MPC

Councillor Al Schule is the Vice Chair of MPC

Chair of Development Appeals Board – Councillor Kissel

Chair of Recreation Governance Committee – Deputy Reeve McKylor

Vice Chair – Councillor Schule

Chair of Agricultural Service Board – Councillor Boehlke

Chair of Assessment Review Board – Councillor Gautreau

Deputy Chair – Crystal Kissel

CMRB Representative – Reeve Dan Henn

Alternate – Councillor Boehlke

Electoral Boundary and Governance Review

Council voted unanimously to reduce the number of Divisions in Rocky View from 9 to 7. The move is being made to improve population parity and to ensure equal and fair representation for all Rocky View residents. The move goes into effect when the writ drops for the municipal election which is scheduled for October 18th of 2021. Division 1 will be divided and moved into existing Divisions 2 and 3. There are several other boundary changes as well. You can view the new electoral boundary division map here:

Effective after the next election, the Reeve will be referred to as Mayor and the Deputy Reeve will be known as the Deputy Mayor.

Council Denies Late Tax Payment Forgiveness

Council denied the request for late tax payment penalty cancellation from a few residents who for different reasons did not pay their property taxes on time. Councillor Wright suggested part of the problem is that people do not know if they live in Calgary or Rocky View and she recommended forgiving the late payments. Councillor Boehlke and Reeve Henn soundly rejected this argument, stating that people know where they live and quite likely know when their property taxes are due. Councillor Wright is scheduled to go to court soon for not paying her own property taxes for more than two years which is a contravention of the MGA for an elected official.

Stormwater Work Update

Council granted authorization to the CAO to execute the Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative User Agreement, the Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative Development Agreement, and the Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative Management Agreement. Byron Riemann, Executive Director of Operations for Rocky View County, is appointed as the County’s interim Board Member until such time that a permanent Board Member is selected.

Balzac East Moving Forward

Council approved the Terms of Reference for a developer-led and wholly developer-funded Balzac East Area Structure Plan amendment to guide future development in the expansion area in accordance with the relevant statutory plans.

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