From: Rocky View 2020,
Subject: Rocky View Report – November 24, 2020
Description: Rocky View Report 15


Reeve Calls for Special Council Budget Meetings

As the Chief Elected Official for Rocky View County, Reeve Dan Henn has called for two special Council meetings to be held in the Council Chambers at the County Hall. The purpose of the meetings is to deal with the proposed County budget for the upcoming year.

  • Monday, November 30, 2020 at 9:00am
    The purpose of the special Council meeting is for a public presentation and review of Rocky View County’s proposed 2021 budget, along with individual department presentations.
  • Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 1:00pm
    The public will be allowed to provide presentations to Council on the proposed 2021 budget.

If you wish to participate, you can show up and get on the speakers list.

New Covid Protocol

With the province announcing new restrictions for COVID-19, the County is exercising due diligence and implementing a couple of changes of its own. Effective immediately a mask will be required for all people entering the County building. This includes those who are there in the gallery for Council meetings. Secondly, the gallery will be reduced to 10 people to ensure proper social distancing. This is ten members of the public and does not include staff and elected members of Rocky View County.

Council Says No to Increasing Advertising Budget

Councillor Wright brought forward a motion calling on Council to direct administration to resume the purchasing of advertising in the Rocky View Weekly. The County stopped purchasing ads to advertise Public Hearings and other announcements some time ago and instead posts details about relevant information on its website. The move has saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. The motion was defeated 6-3 with Councillors Hanson and Kissel supporting Wright’s motion. Executive Director in charge of communications, Grant Kaiser noted that website traffic is up 433% since they started pushing info on the site and he assured Council that they use every means possible to inform the public about the relevant issues in Rocky View. Councillor Boehlke applauded the move by Council as a fiscally responsible decision, noting that several other municipalities are doing the same thing and it comes down to being smart with taxpayer dollars.

Presentation on Upcoming Election

The next municipal election is under a year away and administration delivered a report to Council on some of the changes that will be instituted at the polls next year. They also discussed precautions that may have to be undertaken if we are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

Administration also asked Council if they should pursue the use of mail-in ballots. This idea was resoundingly rejected with Councillors Boehlke and Kissel both referencing the dysfunction with mail-in ballots we are witnessing south of the border.

You can review the report to Council here

Wright Court Date Approaching

The court case for Councillor Samanntha Wright is approaching. The case is scheduled to be heard on Friday, December 18th. Wright is facing two challenges. She is charged with having pecuniary interest in a land-use decision on her neighbor’s property. Wright voted against the proposal and her husband spoke at the Public Hearing against the neighbour. She is also facing charges for contravening the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the local elections act for not paying her property taxes for two years.

More Upcoming Meetings

There is a Municipal Planning Commission meeting this Thursday (November 26th).

The next regular Council meeting after the two special budget meetings is scheduled for Tuesday, December 8th.

Thanks, from your friends at Rocky View 2020, and stay safe.

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