It was a light agenda at this week’s Council meeting with business wrapping up early in the afternoon. Here are a couple of items we thought you might find of interest.


CAO Hoggan presented a report to Council on the Economic Recovery Task Force which he spearheaded. The task force was made up of members of administration, the business community, and Council. Its goal was to identify and highlight the positives in Rocky View and also to come up with ideas on how to help stimulate the economy and help sound investment move forward.

Some of the ideas coming forward would be to continue to work with and encourage the various Chambers and business groups in Rocky View to get together on a regular basis. Identifying and further cutting red tape or policies that limit opportunities for Rocky View residents and entrepreneurs should continue to be a priority. This administration and Council have already made significant progress in improving processes and streamlining operations. CAO Hoggan reported that the committee also recommended a comprehensive marketing plan for Rocky View and suggested focusing on telling the positive Rocky View story to the province and other agencies.

Councillor Schule thanked CAO Hoggan and the committee for their work stating, “There have been a lot of good ideas coming from this task force. It’s been an excellent initiative.”

Councillor Boehlke echoed that sentiment saying, “I find it exciting for Rocky View that we brought all these good ideas to the forefront.” Boehlke went on to highlight the red tape reduction and its importance to the business community and all the people of Rocky View. He also commended the committee for recognizing the importance of agriculture and its contributions to the County.

The report was received for information. You can view the full report on page 66 of the Council Meeting Agenda here:

Economic Development Manager Dave Kalinchuk and Business Development Manager Cole Nelson will be working with the committee’s findings to try and move the good ideas forward.


Councillor Wright read a motion into the record calling on the County to again start advertising in the Rocky View Weekly. Wright suggested this would be a better way to get Rocky View information in front of residents. Like other municipalities, Rocky View made the financial decision to stop advertising all of its Public Hearings and notices in the paper some time ago. Information is now posted on the County website. The move has saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. There are reports that the Rocky View Weekly is facing financial challenges and they have been lobbying the County to continue its ad buy to help them pay the bills. The motion will be discussed and voted on at the next Council meeting.


There were several items on the agenda dealing with late property tax payments. Residents were asking Council for financial forgiveness. Council tabled the items and there was extensive discussion on whether confusion on when tax bills were due contributed to late payments. Not all Council was buying this however and the issue will be discussed at a further Council meeting.


There is a Municipal Planning Commission meeting scheduled for this Thursday (November 12th).

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24th.

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