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It has been a long process, but the North and South Springbank Area Structure Plans (ASP’s) were given Second Reading by Council. By a vote of 5-3, both plans were passed at the conclusion of a special meeting of Council on Monday, March 1st. There were several amendments passed dealing with everything from densities to servicing. You can watch the meeting in its entirety and listen to the debate and discussion by clicking on the link below:

Some comments from Council:

“I feel quite confident the residents of Springbank have been listened to, accounted for, and represented in this. This is a good plan and there’s lots of good work here,” – Councillor Boehlke

“We are happy to build a plan for Rocky View that sees us into the future. We have amended appropriately and addressed Calgary’s concerns as best we can and should. Let’s send this to the CMRB and see if it gets moved forward as it should.” – Deputy Reeve McKylor

“I firmly believe this ASP has been very well done. I want to commend staff for putting forward this plan.” – Reeve Henn

Councillor Kamachi was absent from the proceedings and the formerly sanctioned 3 (Hanson, Kissel, and Wright)  all voted against approving the plans.

On to the CMRB

The ASP’s now move forward for review by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB). It will be interesting to see how the plans are received by the Board. You’ll recall when the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) amendments for Langdon went to the Board, it was not smooth sailing.  After being approved by a 3rd party consultant and the CMRB administration, the urban members of the Board voted against the amendments which called for a removal of the population caps and the establishment of a new commercial business zone. This was clearly a protectionist political move and not about good planning. It was about eliminating competition in the marketplace. We will watch closely what happens with the Springbank ASP’s at the CMRB, and as always, will keep you posted.

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