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County Plans to Appeal Verdict in Sanction Councillor’s Case

Rocky View Council voted to appeal the decision by Justice Eamon to vacate the sanctions against Councillor’s Kissel, Wright, and Hanson. The Judge found rationale for the sanctions and even quoted it in his verdict, but he dismissed them on a technicality. The County has until August 15th to file the appeal.

Springbank ASP’s Given First Reading

The Springbank ASP is now “ASP’s” after being split into two. The North and South ASP’s were given first reading. The motion had been tabled at a previous meeting and Council held a workshop to better study and understand the area and the implications of any changes. Extensive consultation has been done with area residents and stakeholders, and there is more to come. A Public Hearing will be held as the issue moves forward at Council.

You can find the revised plans on the County website through the link below, complete with the new proposed maps for the north and south ASP’S.

Again, these are not final. A Public Hearing will be held, and we will keep you posted on when the issue returns to Council.

Official Request for Specialized Municipality Status Sent to Province

The official request to obtain specialized municipality status will be sent to the Province. County administration came to Council looking for direction on how to proceed with the issue. Administration explained that a change in status will provide more flexible taxation tools, which can be applied based on services. They also assured Council that obtaining this special status will allow for membership in both the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA). Extensive public consultation was done on the issue with feedback from residents convincingly supporting the move. Council voted 7-2 in favor of proceeding with an application to Municipal Affairs. Councillors Wright and Kissel were opposed.

Conrich ASP

First Reading for the Conrich ASP was passed. This has been a lengthy process. First Reading was tabled at a prior meeting, but it passed unanimously today. It is expected to be back at Council for Second Reading in the fall.

New County Land-Use Bylaw Gets the Go Ahead

The County has officially passed a new Land-Use Bylaw. After extensive consultation and a ton of work from administration, the Bylaw was paired down considerably and altered to be more user friendly for residents and businesses in the County. Councillors brought forward several motions for consideration and many of them passed. You can review the new Land-Use Bylaw here:

Councillor Wright’s Court Cases to Move Ahead

We have received several inquiries as to when the court cases against Councillor Samanntha Wright will go ahead. It looks like Councillor Wright will have her day (or days) in court in the fall, or at least the cases will likely be moved ahead then.

You’ll recall Councillor Wright was accused of having a pecuniary interest for voting on a land-use decision on her neighbor’s property. Her husband spoke against the neighbor’s request at the hearing and yet she voted on the decision and even took part in the debate.

She was also found to have not paid her property taxes for two years which is a violation of the MGA for a sitting Councillor. Both cases are expected to move ahead in the fall. We will, as always, keep you up to date with the latest developments.

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