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Conrich Development Gets the Go Ahead

Council Approved Land Use and the Conceptual Scheme for phase 4 of the Cambridge Park development in Conrich. The proposal came before Council last meeting but was tabled for more consideration. Division 5 Councilor, Jerry Gautreau pointed out that the development met all the requirements for land use, and it has been on the ASP since 2015. The vote was 6-3 in favour with Councilors Wright, Hanson, and Kissel opposed.

There was a big divide and strong presence from residents who turned out for the decision, Many residents from Prince of Peace came hoping for the approval as this phase of the development could lead to the infrastructure being put in place that will finally bring them piped water from the County. Some residents from Cambridge Park turned out to oppose the development not wanting the commercial development next to their homes. The area in question is zoned commercial/light industrial in the area ASP.

Highway 1 East ASP Moves Forward

The terms of reference for the Highway 1 East Area Structure Plan were approved. It was agreed that the process will be developer-led and wholly developer funded. It passed unanimously.

Bingham Crossing Gets Phase 2/McKylor Advocates for Springbank

Bingham Crossing received approval for Phase 2 of its Master Site Development Plan. The developer, (Rencor Developments) pointed out that approving phase 2 will help kickstart phase 1. Ron Renaud from Rencor spoke to the changing face of retail and stressed that this approval will provide them more flexibility to move forward. The approval for Phase 2 was unanimous with area Councilor Kim McKylor pointing out that many residents are anxious to see the development get going. Reeve Boehlke echoed those comments, suggesting that this approval is the right thing to do, and encouraged Rencor to move ahead with helping to build a more complete community.

There were many letters in support submitted and Council Chambers were full of supporters who took the time to speak in favor of the application. Nobody came out to speak against the project.

Councilor McKylor continues to strongly advocate for Springbank residents putting forth the following motion arising looking for a strong commitment to the community.

That administration be directed to enter into discussions with the developer to dedicate a small parcel of land suitable for the development of a community use building and report back to Council at the October 6, 2020 Council meeting.”

The next Rocky View County Council meeting is Tuesday, July 28th after which they will take a summer break resuming meetings in September.

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