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It was a light agenda at Rocky View Council this week, however, there are a couple of issues to report.

Public Hearings Resume

Public Hearings resumed in the new and virtual world we live in. Rocky View administration has gone to great lengths to allow applicants to move forward with their business while giving the public equal opportunity to weigh in should they wish. The applicant is given the usual amount of time to present after administration’s report and of course, they do so virtually. Those wishing to comment either in favor or in opposition can send in their comments via email/letter or video link and they will be read out or played for Council.

Harmony Amendments Approved

Citing a need for greater flexibility in product types offered in the village core, Harmony came forward seeking amendments to their Direct Control Bylaw. They were asking for zero metre setbacks within the village core and to amend the Harmony Village Plan. They were given unanimous approval on their textual amendments.

Council acknowledged that the marketplace is changing, and they want to do all they can to allow Harmony to be successful. Councillor McKylor stated,

“Harmony will evolve over time – the most important thing we can do is honour the spirit of Harmony and what the community wants; we are doing that here.”

Wright Court Date Set

A court date has been set for Councillor Samanntha Wright where she will face the music for not paying her taxes and for allegedly voting on a matter of pecuniary interest.

Wright’s court experience is currently scheduled for May 19th at 2:00 pm.

Wright is charged with having a pecuniary interest for voting on a land-use decision on her neighbor’s property. Her husband spoke against the application at the public hearing and Councillor Wright did not recuse herself.

She is also appearing for not paying her property taxes which is a contravention of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) for an elected official. Wright was two years in arrears on her taxes and only paid them when the issue became public. She had not paid despite receiving several letters to her home alerting her to the fact that payment was long overdue.

Next meeting

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 2nd. This is a special Council meeting where a Public Hearing for the Lehigh Hanson application in Bearspaw is being conducted.

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