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Rocky View Council resumed this week after a break for the Christmas season. It was a light agenda though there were a couple of items worth noting and there are a couple of issues upcoming that we are keeping our eye on.

Gardner Lands ASP Moves Forward

The terms of reference for the West Elbow Valley Area Structure Plan was accepted.

The ASP will look at the viability of developing the Gardner Lands which are north of Highway 8 adjacent to the River Spirit Golf Course.

The developers are confident that this corridor has a place in the market going forward and even in these challenging times, this is a highly desirable location on the west side of the city.

The completion of Stoney Trail near Highway 8 helps greatly with traffic concerns in the area.

Councillor Boehlke pointed out that this is a developer funded ASP, which means no cost to the taxpayer. Boehlke added that this is how free enterprise works.

“It is a decision by the developer to move ahead with the ASP, that is good. Let the proponents of growth pay for the growth,” he said.

Councillor McKylor pointed out that it’s up to the developer to weigh the risks and choose what they want to do.

“We can see what they come up with as the plan develops before making any decisions,” McKylor added.

The terms of reference received unanimous approval. There will be a Public Hearing when this item comes forward.

Court Case for Councillor Wright Postponed

Councillor Wright’s court case was put off in December due to complications with the COVID pandemic and protocols.

Wright will be before a judge facing charges of pecuniary interest for voting on a neighbour’s land-use application. Wright’s husband, Damon Maerz spoke against the application at the public hearing and still, Wright did not recuse herself from the proceedings.

She will also be facing the music for not paying her property taxes which is a contravention of the Municipal Government Act for an elected official. Wright received several registered letters notifying her personally of the overdue taxes but only paid them when the issue became public.  

A date for her court case has not yet been announced but we will keep our eye on it and let you know when a date is set.

In-Camera for Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) Discussion

Council went in-camera for a discussion on the CMRB. The motion read as follows:

THAT Council move into closed session to consider the confidential item “Update on the Preparation of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) Growth and Servicing Plan” pursuant to the following sections of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act:

Section 21 – Disclosure harmful to intergovernmental relations Section 24 – Advice from officials Section 25 – Disclosure harmful to the economic or other interests of a public body.

We continue to have huge concerns with what is happening with the CMRB. The land-use plan is due March 1st and there is a lot of uncertainty about what that plan will entail. Speculation is that rural lands will be frozen and sterilized for growth, with growth opportunity only for the urbans, led by Calgary, in de-facto control of the region. The UCP should have eliminated this board months ago but appear to be ignoring the voices and concerns of rural Albertans on the issue. We encourage you to contact your MLA and voice your concerns with this anti-democratic and unelected 4th layer of government.

Upcoming Meetings

The next Council meeting is Tuesday, January 26th.

The next Municipal Planning Commission meeting is Wednesday, January 27th. Both meetings are at 9:00am and a reminder, you can view them electronically by clicking on the link which is available here:

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