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Rocky View County held a lengthy Council meeting yesterday (February 16) where they dealt with a few important and complex issues. Here is what happened.

Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Tabled

After an extensive and robust discussion over the proposed new MDP, Council decided to table the item until March 2nd. The Public Hearing was completed and closed and there were 30 amendments proposed. Administration will take the time to collate them and prepare them for Council. Council wishes to take the time to get it right in dealing with such an important document which will help determine the future for Rocky View residents. Again, the MDP discussion will resume March 2nd when Council has scheduled a special meeting to deal with it.

South and North Springbank ASP’s recessed

The south and north Springbank ASP’s were both recessed until Monday, February 22nd. Council met until well into the evening and voted to adjourn after a 12-hour day for staff. The Public Hearings were not completed and that is why the items were recessed until February 22nd when the Public Hearings will resume.

If you missed the meeting and wish to review online, you can do so by clicking on the following link:
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