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Municipal Development Plan Moved Forward

Just a day after tabling the MDP for more consultation, Rocky View County Council had a change of heart and gave the Plan Second Reading. At Tuesday’s (March 9th) Council meeting, Councillor Greg Boehlke brought a motion forward to lift the item and carry on with the process of considering it for approval. Council voted 5-4 in favour of dealing with the MDP now, as opposed to waiting a month or more.

After the amendment process was complete and Council had a chance to ask questions of administration, a vote was conducted on the Second Reading of the MDP. The MDP was approved by a vote of 5-4 with the formerly sanctioned 3 (Kissel, Hanson and Wright) opposed along with Reeve Henn.

Deputy Reeve McKylor on moving forward:

Reviewing the MDP was a priority for this Council beginning shortly after the election. After almost 3 years of hard work by administration, Council inclusive of much public consultation, we have given second reading to our new MDP which is a forward-thinking document which will charter RVC’S success and autonomy for many years to come.”

“We felt it was important to move this vital plan forward for our residents. We have consulted and done our due diligence. Let’s get on with planning the best possible future for Rocky View,” said Councillor Jerry Gautreau. 

The MDP will now go to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) for approval. So, after all the consultations, and public input, and amendments, and community feedback, by Rocky View residents and landowners, it is the Calgary controlled CMRB that will have ultimate authority to determine if the new MDP in Rocky View County moves forward. From our standpoint, this is not democracy. It is taking local control of Rocky View out of the hands of those elected by Rocky View residents and handing it over to the urban dominated Board which does not represent the best interests of rural landowners and residents. We will watch what happens at the CMRB table, and as always, will keep you informed.

More Rural Opposition to CMRB

Rural opposition is mounting to the CMRB. Below is a link to an article in which Foothills Councillor Delilah Miller and Reeve Suzanne Oel again point out the hypocritical nature of this Board by allowing urban control of rural lands. Please read and share with your friends and neighbours.

Rural opposition is indeed growing, and it is time for rural Albertans to come together in opposing this central planning and unnecessary 4th layer of government.

Your Friends at Rocky View 2020.

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