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Springbank ASP’s Moving Forward

Council has been busy of late and they had a full day Monday (February 22nd) with the Public Hearing for the South and North Springbank ASP’s. Council went until 8:00 pm when they finally adjourned, and although the Public Hearings are closed, they were not through the process.

Both plans will be back before Council at a special meeting scheduled for Monday, March 1st. As always, you can watch the proceedings by clicking on the link below.

Council made definite headway in these important plans. The South Springbank ASP is almost complete. There will be some time for any additional amendments as well as closing comments and the vote.

There were countless amendments proposed and many approved, dealing with everything from densities to landowner concerns. You can watch the proceedings and review the list of amendments online by clicking here:

The North Springbank ASP is not as far along in the process. The pre-recorded presentation portion is complete with amendments still to come. The Public Hearing will be resumed on March 1st after the South Springbank ASP is completed. 

Municipal Development Plan Coming Back

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is scheduled to come back to Council next Tuesday (March 2nd).

The MDP was tabled at the last meeting so administration could be given time to go through all the amendments and prepare them for Council’s consideration. There were upwards of 50 amendments to be organized and prepared. There is some speculation that the MDP may not be heard on March 2nd as there is a Public Hearing scheduled for the Mountain Ash gravel pit proposal, which is expected to be a lengthy hearing.

All Plans at Risk From CMRB

It should be noted that all three of these plans must go to the CMRB for approval and given the anti-competitive and protectionist nature of the Board, it is quite possible that these plans may not be approved. That means after all the time and effort and resources spent involving residents and going through the necessary process, the CMRB could just simply vote against them.

As always, we will do our best to keep you posted on these issues and other developments within the County.

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