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2020 was certainly a year to remember. You might even say it was a year to forget the way things have gone with the global pandemic.

As we reflect on the year, we at Rocky View 2020 want to make sure to remember the good things and express our gratitude to you, and our entire membership for the ongoing support you show us as we advocate for landowners and rural residents in the region. We have been working hard on your behalf and it is because of your support and contributions that we are able to do the work we do, so thank you.

Our monthly meetings were cancelled most of the year because of COVID-19. It is hard to believe but our last public meeting at the Balzac Hall was in February and our guest was Rocky View County CAO Al Hoggan. Mr. Hoggan spoke to us about the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) and the County’s efforts to stand up for Rocky View residents to preserve local autonomy.

Much of our work last year was focused on dealing with the CMRB and we have met with Ministers, Deputy Ministers, MLA’s, Municipal politicians, Chief’s of Staff, and just about everybody and anybody who can influence the Government’s position on this Board. There is no issue more important to the future of Rocky View and rural Alberta as far as landowners are concerned than getting this central planning monstrosity of a Board addressed by the Provincial Government.

We continue to advocate for you at Rocky View County Hall by working with administration and our elected officials of Rocky View. It is remarkable how much work this Council and administration has done despite the distractions of a few more liberal minded folks who would rather put a stick in the spokes of responsible growth and development than see amenities for our families and sound investment move forward.

Developments in Rocky View County

A New Municipal Development Plan has been drafted that takes the shackles off landowners, investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs and encourages smart and responsible growth. The Plan will be coming to Council for Public Hearing early in 2021.

There is a new focus on improved processes at County Hall with a “how do we help you proceed” mentality instead of the previous more restrictive and less cooperative approach.

Areas Structure Plans (ASP’s) are coming forward in Springbank and Bearspaw, and there is more developer funded ASP’S in the works for important areas and corridors of Rocky View.

The County has applied for Specialized Municipality Status with the Province, recognizing that as the 5th largest Municipal assessment base in the Province, Rocky View has a variety of land uses within its vast area, and the new status will better serve the great diversity of the County.

Council also passed a balanced budget for 2021. Again, Rocky View is on track to lead the region with minimal tax increases and one of the lowest tax rates in Alberta.

A new Off-Site Levy Bylaw was passed which did not include an increase in the off-site transportation levy. Rocky View 2020 worked hard pushing back against proposals for increases from the previous Councils and administration.

Water and wastewater line construction began in West Balzac. This will give area landowners the ability to move plans forward knowing the servicing issue has been dealt with. The project is expected to be completed in the early spring of 2021.

It is an election year and there are new division boundaries that will go into place when the writ drops. There will be a reduction of Councillors from 9 to 7 with the Municipal election scheduled for October of 2021.

Keeping You Informed

With local media sources struggling financially and frequently producing questionable editorials, we have started producing our own “Rocky View Reports” where we summarize the events taking place at Council and in the region to keep you informed. We are at every Council meeting and we stay plugged into what is happening in Rocky View to keep you plugged in.

Our Commitment To You

At Rocky View 2020, we are guided by our mission and values and the strong and unwavering belief that foundational freedoms like property rights, and local autonomy matter.

We are your voice in the ring when it comes to pertinent local and regional issues and we will continue to advocate on your behalf. We know we are having an impact and it is thanks to your support and contributions that we are able to carry out this important work. Hopefully, we will be able to resume our monthly meetings at some point in 2021. Until then, we will keep you informed and continue pressuring the province to appropriately address the CMRB. We believe your issues are important and worth fighting for.

Thanks again for your support last year and we look forward to working hard for you and with you in the year ahead.


Bruce McAllister

Executive Director

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