Shortfall on County Plan – proven again. Click on Chart for more info


Altus Group is the leading national research and valuation  company. Recently Altus presented their analysis of the Calgary and Rocky View market dynamics.

One example chart from the presentation is shown

Rocky View’s numbers are trending down well below even the low limits of the County Plan. (See the blue area at the bottom of the graph.)

This negative trend has occurred while the Media  reports today that Calgary (and much of Alberta) has had record growth in the last year.

Results confirm our Council and administration seem to be more preoccupied with “shutting down the county” than achieving  the stated vision of the County Plan.

With the 2nd year review of the County Plan coming up this fall, RV 2020 will be calling for results based accountability on the stated mission of the County Plan – especially with the backdrop of record growth in Calgary and the rest of Alberta.

For a full copy of the report  click Altus.

For today’s Media report – click Missed Opportunity.


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  1. Gary McKenzie

    I’m not sure these comments reflect the actual report. As the report points out, there is a significant difference in the development mix and pricing between Calgary/Airdrie and Rockyview. The comparison between Rockyview and Foothills would appear to me to be more appropriate.
    Aside from that, has Calgary not also been in the news lamenting the challenges of maintaining existing, and building new, infrastructure to meet the needs of this growth? Ditto, the province as a whole. Clearly, the increased tax base in Calgary and Alberta has been insufficient to provide the increased revenue needed to accommodate growth. Is there any reason to expect that Rockyview would be different? If not, then why should we emulate them?

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