GARDNER – Council kills great opportunity for County.

GARDNER – Council kills great opportunity for County.

GARDNER – Council kills great opportunity for County.


The public hearing for the Gardner proposal was heard at County Council. – June 23rd.

The primary reason  given for those opposed is that Gardner was not  identified in the County Plan. This is the same County Plan that has failed West Balzac, is hung up in Conrich, and has no solutions for Langdon… all of which are selected growth areas in the County Plan. The point is no plan is a guarantee. Some things work and some don’t and when you have opportunities that clearly move us towards the vision of the County Plan – they should be given a chance to move incrementally forward. That is all that was being asked for.

The anti-growth voices have clearly intimidated Councillor Habberfield. Listen to her reasons for voting against giving Gardner a chance.

This man is qualified to speak to the market conditions in Rocky View and Springbank. He brings a credibility others don’t have. He is at the front line bringing together buyers and sellers and he has been doing it for 30 plus years in Rocky View.  Click to Listen to what he told Council.

The large majority of letters (over 70) from Rocky View land owners  that came in to the Council  were all in support of Gardner. Here are just a few  of many examples:

letter 1

Letter to Council

Listen to a 4th Generation Rancher in the area had to say about Gardner

Another adjacent Ranch Family on Gardner 

Letter to the editor in support of Gardner

Even the Rocky View Weekly, whose staff attended all the hearings, recognized that an real opportunity was lost  Council voted down Gardner. Rocky View Weekly Editors comments on Gardner

June 24th Voting Outcome.

 Councillors: Arshinoff, Breakey, Habberfield, Sucuta, and Bahcheli, Voted against Gardner.

Councillors: – Solberg, Boehlke, Kendall, and Ashdown  –  Did not vote against Gardner.

The application was rejected even though more resident landowners had signed up to speak in favor of Gardner than opposed and the letters of support from adjacent landowners were almost 2 to 1 in favor.

The result is it seems the County Plan is being used to “shut down” the county by some Councillors and some senior administration staff. This was not the intent of the majority of voices who input to the plan. It was to be a living document that moved us toward a vision of an inviting, thriving  and sustainable County. Gardner would have helped us all move toward that vision.

General Info on the Gardner Proposal:

For complete info just click  Gardner .  Just a few summary points are:

  1. Rocky View’s own financial modelling says that the Gardner concept built out will be a net financial contributor to the county – equivalent to a 5% reduction in everyone’s property taxes. ($5 million a year).
  2. No county funds or increased debt are required to implement the project.
  3. Gardner has committed to $4 million contribution to transportation upgrades as required. And will not build beyond transportation capacity.
  4. Gardner holds a joint water license that Rocky View would benefit – valued at $8 million by independent assessment.
  5. Gardner can provide an optional wastewater and water servicing hub for the surrounding residents and growing community.
  6. The Gardner Club – like Calgary’s Winter Club all Rocky View residents can participate , also seniors accommodation, wellness centre and services that strengthen community.
  7. Equine Centre partnered with U of C veterinary medicine operating on donated 50 acres.
  8. Gardner is a small part of the previous agreed to highway 8 ASP – and is recognized as within the agreed-to inter-municipal growth corridors.
  9. Only 27% of the entire 1500 acres is for residential development to be built out over the next 15 years. 46% of the land area is designated as environmental reserve, recreation area, extension to the Trans Canada Trail and open spaces. You won’t see this in Calgary.
  10. Gardner will strengthen community services, enhance everyone’s land value, and still honor the heritage and feel of the area of Rocky View.
  11. Gardner has designated land for MR including possible use for schools within the concept plan proposed.
  12. Gardner has responded to the Run with the River organization and increased the reserve area and storm water management capacity – beyond base requirements.

To find our more detail about Gardner go to the:


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