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Opposition to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) and its current governance structure is growing in rural Alberta, and the costs associated with this Board are skyrocketing. Last week we told you about Foothills County’s opposition to the plan and now Wheatland County is taking a stance against this job-killing board.

Wheatland Council was given a presentation by the  CMRB  about the draft Regional Growth and Servicing Plan.  It was not received with open arms. Wheatland County brought forward a motion arising after the presentation stating emphatically that Wheatland County does not support the draft Regional Growth Plan.

The following is from Wheatland County’s motion:

“Wheatland Council is concerned that significant portions of the Growth Plan have not been submitted as required; and further, THAT the contract between the CMRB and the consultant is worth over one million dollars and stipulates the submission of the Regional Growth Plan, the Regional Servicing Plan and the Regional Evaluation Framework; and further, THAT Wheatland County is greatly concerned that none of this work has been satisfactorily completed; and further, THAT Wheatland has contributed over $165,000.00 worth of staff and elected officials time over the past 13 months towards this project; and further, THAT Wheatland Council requests an analysis of time and money spent by all member municipalities as contributions towards the work of this consultant for review and discussion at the next CMRB Board meeting, prior to any further funding of this project by CMRB and Province of Alberta. Wheatland Council is of the opinion that an accounting of all the project costs to date and the project work submitted be provided; and further, THAT the CMRB board should review the draft submissions under the lens of the Provincial mandate of Red Tape Reduction and other Provincial Economic Strategies.”

The true and astronomical costs of this Board are starting to be revealed. Chestermere’s Mayor recently disclosed that his municipality has spent upwards of half a million dollars on this Growth Plan in time and resources. Now Wheatland County is sounding the alarm. Add up all of the costs associated with municipal spending, plus the million dollar consultant fee, plus the salaries of the CMRB staff, and it makes you wonder why in this era of fiscal restraint, the province continues to throw money at this unelected and unnecessary 4th layer of government.

It is clear the UCP is choosing politics over principle in its support of this board. Municipal leaders in rural Alberta and their residents are right to be frustrated and demanding change. Contact the Municipal Affairs Minister and copy the Premier’s office if you would like to voice your concerns with this central planning and investment killing Board.

You can reach Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver here:

And the Premier’s office here:

Thank you and please feel free to share this message with your neighbours.


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