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Back in Session

Council meetings have begun for the new Council and as per past tradition, they are scheduling two meetings per month. Council Chambers are open to the public should you wish to attend in person, or you can also view them via live stream. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30th at 9:00am. At the time of preparing this notice, the Council calendar had not been posted to the County website but is expected to be up shortly.  

CMRB Update

During the Councillor report portion of the meeting, Councillor Hanson, who is the new representative on the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) stated that he will be meeting with Amy Zaluski shortly to discuss the County’s strategy when CMRB meetings resume. Zaluski is the Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs for Rocky View, and she has been coordinating and managing the County’s efforts at the CMRB table. CMRB meetings are scheduled to resume in December, and we are awaiting word from the Minister of Municipal Affairs as to whether they will be accepting the growth plan forwarded to the province by the CMRB or whether there will be changes brought forward as so many rural residents have been demanding.

CAO Hiring Process Underway

Mayor Kochan let Council know that the consultant hired to engage the recruitment process for hiring the new CAO has begun the process. There is no timeline set as to when this decision will be made, but the application is now out. Kent Robinson has been acting as the Interim CAO.

In-Camera Discussions

Council went in-camera to discuss two items. The first is the Cambridge Estates Judicial Review, and the second issue was the court sanctions appeal which is currently underway concerning back pay for the formerly sanctioned Councillors. As the in-camera is completely confidential, there are no details on either issue. We will watch for updates on both items and share information as it becomes available.

Two Notices of Motion Brought Forward

Councillor Wright and Deputy Mayor Kissel brought forward a notice of motion to change the duration of the Mayoral term and other Council Boards. There is no debate when a motion is read into record. The debate will take place next meeting but there was some discussion at the organizational meeting when the Mayor was given a two-year term, that it should be reviewed annually as it was in the past. The full notice of motion is here:

Change in duration for the terms for Mayor and other Council boards and committee Chair and Vice-Chair

WHEREAS All council members should be afforded the opportunity to sit on various boards and committees and to put their names forward to hold various leadership roles; AND WHEREAS There is nothing preventing councillors from putting their names forward for the same position year after year; AND WHEREAS Council is now comprised of only seven councillors there is a greater need to balance the work load; AND WHEREAS For transition possibilities, the terms for both Mayor and Deputy Mayor should be of the same duration; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED That the Procedure Bylaw and the Terms of Reference of the various boards and committees be amended to reflect one-year terms for the Mayor and all Chair and Vice-Chair positions.

Councillors Hanson and Wright brought forward a notice of motion to reinstate advertising in the Rocky View Weekly for Public Hearing and public service announcements. The previous Council voted to stop this advertising, saving the County roughly $80,000 annually. When making that decision the communications department at Rocky View stated that all information is available to the public on the County website and many municipalities are saving money by no longer advertising in local papers. The full motion is here:

To Reinstate Advertising of Public Notices and Service Announcements in the Rocky View Weekly

WHEREAS Advertising public notices solely on the County website has successfully reached many residents, it has not reached all intended audiences and is thereby creating a substandard level of service for some County residents; AND WHEREAS A significant percentage of residents do not have reliable internet access at their residences; AND WHEREAS A number of residents have complained that it is much more difficult for them to locate County public notices and information since Rocky View has stopped posting this information in the Rocky View Weekly; AND WHEREAS Rocky View Weekly is the only local media source and County-specific issues risk being drowned out by media coverage from our larger urban neighbours; AND WHEREAS Many County residents consider the advertising of public notices in the local paper a necessary public service that is supportive of local business and independent journalism institutions. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT Administration be directed to recommence advertising public notices and service announcements, such as, but not limited to, public hearings, subdivision applications, approved development permits and matters of significant concern to County residents in the Rocky View Weekly starting no later than the January 11th edition of 2022

Next Meeting

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30th. Again, the public can view the proceedings live in Council Chambers, or you can view the live stream which is made available through the Rocky View County website.

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