New levels of red tape

New levels of red tape

New levels of red tape

In case you missed it, our Executive Director, Bruce McAllister has written an article in the Calgary Herald about Bill 21, or The Modernized Municipal Government Act.

The act is a legislative framework for municipalities. The NDP says it needs an update as it hasn’t been reviewed in some 20 years. And while some improvement may be warranted, if you read between the lines, there’s a good bet that any revisions will follow their fundamental belief system. In this case, it means eliminating competition, setting up a centralized planning model, and increasing the size and role of government.

McAllister: NDP’s changes to municipal governance bear watching closely

Rocky View 2020 does not believe that adding more red tape to the already burgeoning bureaucracy is the solution to municipal planning in our region and province.

Be sure to follow the issues here. If you can make it to our monthly meetings for face-to-face presentations and live Q&A, please book it on your calendar. Our next meeting is:

Wednesday, September 28th
1:30 – 3:30 pm
Balzac Community Hall
(1/2 Km West on 566 off QE 2, Hall is on South Side)

Richard Geleta from CIMA+ and Ken Venner from Brown & Associates will present their interpretation of the County’s rationale for the proposed off-site transportation levy, along with the proposed levy’s flaws. Most importantly, they will have some submissions and suggestions to impact positive change.

Be there and help us make your voice heard.


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