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Rocky View County Council has made its opposition to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) official with a strongly worded motion denouncing any support for the Board and calling for an analysis of the time and money being spent on this behemoth Board.

At the regular meeting of Council this week (Tuesday, February 23rd) Council voted 6-3 in favour of the following motion:

“That Rocky View County does not support the draft Regional Growth Plan dated Feb 2nd, 2021 as submitted and presented by the Consultant HDR Calthorpe, and Rocky View Council is concerned that significant portions of the Growth Plan have not been submitted as required; and further,

THAT The contract between the CMRB and the consultant is worth over one million dollars and stipulates the submission of the Regional Growth Plan, the Regional Servicing Plan and the Regional Evaluation Framework; and further,

THAT Rocky View County is greatly concerned that none of this work has been satisfactorily completed; and further,

THAT Rocky View County has contributed over $250,000.00 worth of staff and elected officials time over the past 13 months towards this project (this does not reflect the full amount contributed since the inception of the CMRB); and further,

THAT Rocky View Council requests an analysis of time and money spent by all member municipalities as contributions towards the work of this consultant for review and discussion at the next CMRB Board meeting, prior to any further funding of this project by CMRB and Province of Alberta, Rocky View Council is of the opinion that an accounting of all the project costs to date and the project work submitted be provided; and further,

THAT the CMRB should review the draft submissions under the lens of the Provincial mandate of Red Tape Reduction and other Provincial Economic Strategies.”

This motion comes on the heels of a motion passed by Wheatland County calling out the CMRB for its excessive spending and time and resource demands, and for excluding the voices of rural Albertans in the plan. Foothills County has also vociferously expressed its disappointment with the Growth Plan and its blatant disregard for property rights and local autonomy.

The previously sanctioned 3 Councillors (HANSON, KISSEL AND WRIGHT) did not support the motion passed by Council. Again, the motion carried 6-3. All three rural municipalities mandated to be in the CMRB have now formerly opposed the Growth Plan and rationale for needing this Board.

At Rocky View 2020 we will continue to draw attention to these issues and work on your behalf. If you would like to support our work, you can do so by contributing here:

If you wish to write the Premier and/or Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver, you can do so by sending an email here:

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