Landowner Group Committed To Bringing Fresh Thinking, New Ideas to County

ROCKY VIEW COUNTY, Alberta – Landowners have hired long-term resident Eric Lowther as executive director of Rockyview2020, a growing group committed to developing a progressive, sustainable future while honouring the heritage, beauty and rural character of their large County which neighbours Calgary.

Mr. Lowther, a former Member of Parliament who grew up in Springbank, raised his family in Bearspaw and continues to live in Rocky View, will lead and expand the recently formed organization committed to encouraging, gathering and promoting new ideas that will result in a fiscally sound, inclusive future for all residents – not just a few.

“Rocky View is at a dynamic crossroads and we need to give voice to all residents, land and business owners in order to build a County that embraces the best of our past while advancing our future in bright new ways,” said Mr. Lowther. “We will do this in a positive way by challenging the norm, the trends and the conventions of status quo or dictatorial thinking that currently negatively affects our County and the quality of life we all desire.”

At the request of local residents, Mr. Lowther recently unsuccessfully ran for Rocky View Council on a platform of Honoring our Lifestyle, Strengthening Our Community and Enhancing Value. While door-knocking, he frequently heard strong voices of frustration, exasperation, and concern, especially about the precipitous drop in agricultural land values in Rocky View in recent years while Alberta land values were increasing significantly.

The former telecommunication executive says he wants help “redefining what is possible” while “exploring vibrant and creative 21st century alternatives that are flexible and adaptable.” An initial first goal is to grow Rocky View 2020 by adding new members across all corners of the County.

“By sharing ideas and harnessing the knowledge and expertise of everyone, Rocky View 2020 will act as a catalyst to encourage the people of Rocky View County – all land owners – to find and define their collective future in bright new ways without intimidation,” said Mr. Lowther, who has already begun work. “This is Rocky View defining itself – not someone else or a special interest group imposing their vision on us.”

The mission of Rocky View 2020 is “to give voice to community issues important to the future development of Rocky View County. Through factual information, education, better understanding and informed discussion, we foster an innovative, inviting, thriving, and sustainable County that balances agriculture with diverse residential, recreational and business opportunities.”

About Rockyview2020:

We are landowners, homeowners, parents, developers, builders, former elected officials and other service providers who care deeply about the future of Rocky View County. An inclusive group, we encourage others who share our vision to become part of shaping a great future for Rocky View County.

We believe Rocky View’s regional role will be of increasing importance as Calgary and Alberta grows. How we accommodate growth and adapt to changing trends and desires will be critical to enhancing lifestyle and economic value. We believe innovative ideas and exceptional leadership can deliver the progressive, sustainable, vibrant future that current and future residents aspire to enjoy.

We are a new group, although most of us have been around the County for a very long time. We first gathered together when the draft Rocky View County Plan was released in 2013 although we had been concerned for some time that a few, well-organized and highly vocal people were shaping an unsustainable Rocky View County that would negatively impact property values and taxes.

For further information, please contact:

Eric Lowther, Executive Director Rocky View 2020

Email: execdir@rockyview2020.com

Phone: 403-910-0598


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