Letter to Councillor Arshinoff

Letter to Councillor Arshinoff

Oct. 22 2014

To: Councillor Arshinoff,

Regarding your “open forum” last evening in Springbank.

You told me and stated in your emails that:

Each speaker will present for 5 -10 minutes, leaving the 2nd hour for questions and discussion.

Every speaker ran well over 10 minutes and you often added your views between speakers so that when the speakers were done it was after 9 pm. The meeting was slated to run from 7 pm to 9 pm.  There was no invitation for discussion… only a brief restricted amount of time for “approved” questions after the scheduled completion time for the meeting. Also, some folks had understandably left by then.

You said and stated in your emails:

I will give everyone the same opportunity to express their views, but I won’t allow anyone to dominate the proceedings.

You did not allow everyone the same opportunity to express their views. You did allow your selected speakers and yourself to dominate the meeting.

Councillor Arshinoff… I took you at your word and encouraged people to come. I told them you said it would be an open forum and that “Councillor Arshinoff has stated there will be an extended time for question and discussion.

I now owe these people an apology.

In the future if you are hosting events I hope you make it clear that they are intended to advance one perspective to the exclusion of all others rather than calling it an open forum. It would be more honest. I think you like honesty.

In respect of the office you hold,


Eric C. Lowther – Executive Director – Rocky View 2020

7 thoughts on “Letter to Councillor Arshinoff

  1. Earl Solberg

    You should not be surprised or dismayed….Apparently from your report the meeting progressed with the exclusion of “TRANSPARENCY” — one of Councillor Arshinoff’s favorite terms…. one should not have expected otherwise. According to your report it appears that one transparent element was evident…A certain selectivity of “facts.” Don’t confuse me with the facts Peg….my head is already made up.” (Chester Riley’s favorite line)

  2. Rene Laprade

    It is almost laughable that a group of developers hide behind the Rocky View 2020. I assume that the name is supposed to give this special interest group validity and credibility in Rocky View.
    Sorry guys, your still just a group of developers looking to cash in. The County Plan was crafted with input from a large representation of the entire County, and if you believe in the democratic process, you would accept it as is.
    Oh, i forgot, you all know whats good for us… laughable

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your comment.

      The majority of supporters of the work of Rocky View 2020 now are landowner residents in Rocky View. Some might be your neighbors?
      It is up to these individuals to be public about their support, and many are. We don’t broadcast our member list (like most organizations) but be assured no one is hiding.

      Our special interest is Rocky View and real credibility must be earned not granted.

      Some of our members are looking to risk capital for investments in Rocky View and work hard to meet or exceed the requirements of Rocky View County and their neighbors and communities.

      The County Plan itself calls for self assessment and adjustments to ensure it is taking us toward the vision. The democratic process invites the Rocky View taxpayers, which includes all the Rocky View 2020 members, to participate in evaluating how well the vision of the plan is being achieved.

      Would you consider working with us to help shape change rather than fight it? That would be good for us both… and who knows you might have a few laughs for the right reasons.

      1. John McMurray

        The input of residents and landowners into the county plan was for exactly that reason, not to fight change, but to shape it. By allowing development we accept change. By directing development to the designated areas we shape that change.

        Why doesn’t RV2020 accept the change in development practices brought on by the county plan instead of fighting it?

        1. admin Post author


          We all are required to accept the County Plan. The Plan itself calls for monitoring and assessment to see how well it is moving us toward the vision. The best proposals should be the ones prioritized to move us forward toward that vision of an “inviting, thriving and sustainable county”

          The Reeves Task Force, which heard from over 1000 Rocky View residents, recommended against the “drawing of lines” to say where development “should or should not occur”. Focus on the best instead. We are working (hopefully with everyone)for improvements to the County Plan so the vision can be realized and perhaps exceeded.

          1. John McMurray

            Reeve’s Task Force was put together in response to the opposition to the Growth Management Strategy. The chair of the Task force, Stan Church said:
            “High urban density nodes aren’t supported,” said Church. “People told us very clearly that they want us to be a rural municipality.”

            The response to the Task Force was to gather input from residents and community members rather just those with a vested interest in developing. The result of that input was the County Plan. For a purporting “forward thinking” organization you should be embracing the latest guidelines within the County Plan rather than trying to turn back time to the Task Force results.

      2. admin Post author


        Rocky View 2020 has a majority of supporters who are resident landowners in Rocky View; some who have been here for the 3rd and 4th generation. They are committed to stay and advocate for positive changes that strengthens community and adds value for all.

        RV 2020 is a landowner advocacy incorporated society. Members of Rocky View 2020 may be some of your neighbors.

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