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Ascension Development Tabled

After a lengthy Public Hearing, Rocky View Council voted to table the Highfield Investment Group’s Ascension Development. The land is approximately 278 acres and is located at the east end of Bearspaw, south of Highway 1A, and west of 12 Mile Coulee Road. The property extends south to Blueridge Rise and west to Bearspaw Road.

The residential aspects of the development propose predominately single-detached residential units, mixed with a blend of comprehensively planned multi-family residential units within walking distance of the proposed marketplace. The residential component includes approximately 540 single-detached units, 43 comprehensively planned multi-family residential units at 15 units/acre, and 300 potential seniors’ residential units adjacent to the marketplace. Higher density areas are proposed nearer to the marketplace in the southeast of the plan area with single-family units occupying the remaining west half of the plan area. The proposal provides for 883 units and a density of 2.49 units/acre gross developable (excluding the seniors residential). The Market Place is planned to be a unique multi-purpose, amenity, retail, and entertainment destination for the Bearspaw area where residents can shop, live and work. It includes anchor retail, supportive retail, flex space, and entertainment, for a total of 47.80 acres in the southeast portion of the plan area adjacent to Highway 1A and 12 Mile Coulee Road.

The initial motion from Councillor Wright was to refuse the development, but only Councillors Kissel and Hanson voted in favour of Wright’s motion and so it was defeated 6-3.

In the end, the application was tabled so administration could work on some transportation issues and come up with some amendments to address those issues and deal with emergency access around Bearspaw Road. The item will come back to Council on June 15th.

Judge Forgives Councillor Wright

A decision has been rendered in the court case against Councillor Wright and it would appear a judge went out of his way to forgive Councillor Wright of her wrongdoings. In his decision, Justice Devlin stated that Councillor Wright did not live up to the standard of due diligence for elected officials, but still forgave her for not paying her taxes for two years. It was also acknowledged that this was not the first time Wright’s taxes were in arrears. Still, she was forgiven and will not be forced to step down. Wright blamed her husband and claimed she had no knowledge of her taxes being late.

While the judge called it a careless and irresponsible mistake, he felt Rocky View’s handling of the situation was unfair and therefore did not rule to disqualify Councillor Wright.  

On the pecuniary interest charge, the judge effectively ruled that her mistake in judgement did not warrant her being removed from Council.

So, it will be up to the voters to decide if not paying your taxes is a standard a sitting Councillor should be held to. The municipal election is this October and Councillor Wright will no doubt have to take the issue to the electorate.

CMRB Growth Plan Goes to the Province

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) did what everybody knew they would and passed the proposed Growth Plan by a vote of 7-3. The urbans, led by Calgary, all voted in favour of the plan, which restricts rural development and autonomy and hands over control to Calgary. All three rurals voted against the plan, which has now been handed over to the province for consideration. Provincial officials have said they do not expect to deal with the plan until the fall, possibly after the municipal election. The following link is a CBC news story on the approval of the plan by the Board.

Growth plan for Calgary region sent to province for final say | CBC News

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