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Langdon Development Moves Forward

Council voted unanimously to give Second and Third Reading to the land-use application for future phases of Qualico’s Painted Sky development in Langdon. Painted Sky is located within the Langdon Area Structure Plan (ASP), approximately 0.25 miles south of Highway 560, east of Vale View Road, and north of Railway Avenue West. Council gave First Reading to the development in March. Full build out of the residential community will take some time as it includes 1100 homes. The community supports a mix of residential housing types and includes other amenities like a future school site, a commercial node, and a complex open space network. Construction began in mid 2020 and show homes are expected to be ready to view in the spring of 2022.

CMRB Update

Sadly, the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board continues to churn along, scheduling more and more meetings and bogging down potential growth and investment in unnecessary red tape. The Board is showing its true colors, as we at Rocky View 2020 have been warning about since its inception. The North Springbank and South Springbank Area Structure Plan (ASP) and the County Municipal Development Plan (MDP) all received approval from Board administration plus an independent outside consultant, but still, the ASP’s and MDP are being challenged. Led by Calgary, five urban municipalities are opposing these plans. Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, and High River have all lined up to voice their opposition to the plans, citing various reasons, but really it all comes down to competition. The urbans do not want to see Rocky View and the other rurals developing and providing competition to them, so they are ganging up to stifle growth and investment. It is the exact opposite of how a free-market economy should operate. If you wish to watch the meeting where all this will be discussed, you can view it firsthand on July 23rd from 11:30am to 2:30pm through the following link:

Watch as the leaders of the urban municipalities do their best to keep their neighbours down. The meeting on July 23rd will be live-streamed, but we must warn you that you may feel sick to your stomach from watching the proceedings. It is very un-Albertan. And a reminder that the UCP government must make some decisions on the CMRB in the fall. We hope they will choose principle over politics as Ralph Klein did in 1995 and decide to eliminate this unnecessary, red tape infested, central planning Board once and for all. Please reach out to your UCP contacts to remind them of the billions of dollars in investment that are being chased away and the personal freedoms that are being trampled in the process.

2020 Meetings to Resume in September    

It has been a long time coming, but as the world returns to some degree of normalcy, we will plan to resume our monthly Rocky View 2020 meetings in September. There is a lot going on in our region to discuss and we have been busy advocating on behalf of landowners during the pandemic. We have much to share on the CMRB front and there is an extremely important municipal election in October. A date for the Rocky View 2020 meeting has not been set at this point but please keep it on your radar. We are looking forward to gathering once again.

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