Strategic Servicing Objectives

Strategic Servicing Objectives for Rocky View County

A major potential liability for the County is the more than 70 existing community water systems (this does not include stand-alone private water well systems) within Rocky View County, and their ability to continue to provide safe and reliable water service for the County’s residents into the future.

New development could facilitate connection of these existing systems, on an opportunity and cost effective basis, to create a larger sub-regional utility or network of utilities within the County. The County should clearly articulate specific objectives for potable water and wastewater servicing into the County Plan.

Yes, the City of Calgary has offered to service regional neighbours, but only if development achieves urban densities of 8 to 10 units per acre. Aside from the yet to be determined capital and operational cost of a City of Calgary solution, Rocky View County needs to steer its own course towards servicing independence. This includes requiring developers to pay all the capital costs for servicing their developments.

Rocky View needs to take control of its servicing requirements for the benefit of existing and future residents.