Important issues for Rocky View County

The new Rocky View County Plan will have enormous impact on everyone who lives in Rocky View for the at least the next decade and likely longer.

Surrounded by the fastest growing large city in Canada, it is important to everyone that we plan the future appropriately – your property values and the quality of life you want to enjoy are closely tied to it. Rocky View 2020 hopes to contribute positively by raising issues that impact you, and over time providing quality information that will encourage informed discussion.

Key issues are (click to view more information for each issue):

Importance of your input to the County Plan

We understand that reading a County Plan may seem like homework and most people may not understand the intricacies of what the plan contains. We have many experts in our diverse group that includes builders, not-for-profit organizations, landowners, developers, retired politicians and others.

Get involved in the County Plan if quality of life is important to you

Get involved in the County Plan if quality of life is important to you

We started to come together after the first draft of the County Plan was released. One of our major concerns was that the suggested growth limits were not realistic given the regional reality and approximately 75 per cent of the people who commented on the draft plan during the public engagement process agreed. We also worried the plan could result in a negative impact on taxpayers.

Current plan does not offer innovative financial solutions for the County

Although more research must be undertaken, we were concerned the plan does not offer innovative financial solutions for the County. We felt it is not sufficiently forward looking and it might inhibit new ways of thinking, new styles of development, and environmentally progressive innovation.

We also believe the current Plan:

• Is not sufficiently integrated with other regional municipal plans
• Does not reflect understanding of current agricultural industry trends
• With more than 70% of both workshop and online participants who shaped the Plan from the northwest and southwest of Rocky View, in particular Bearspaw and Springbank, we are not sure the Plan reflects the desires of all parts of the County.

These were only some of the issues that need to be discussed and more fully explored. We hope you will join the conversation and help us find answers.

Download a copy of the plan here (PDF).