Important Message for Landowners

Important Message for Landowners

Important Message for Landowners

Dear Members,

Thanks so much to those of you who came out to our monthly meeting at the Balzac Hall on Wednesday, January 27th. It was an excellent turnout, perhaps our largest crowd yet. We are thankful that Rocky View County Reeve Greg Boehlke and Deputy Reeve Earl Solberg took the time to come and speak with us.

Many residents remain very concerned with the bizarre and unprecedented annexation request put forward by the City of Chestermere. While we hope that the Minister of Municipal Affairs will do the right thing and dismiss this annexation, we want to make sure that the decision makers are informed about the issue and aware of how concerned landowners across the province are with Chestermere’s request.

Rocky View Weekly has published an article on the tactic.hand-1076597_1280

To that point, we suggest you take the time to write a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Deputy Minister, your local MLA, PC leader, and the Wildrose Municipal Affairs critic, outlining your concerns.Rather than send a form letter, which is often dismissed, please take the time to send your own personal letter. I have included contact information below. Here are some of the points being discussed by landowners concerning the annexation, which you may want to include in your letter:

  • This annexation does not follow the proper procedures for an annexation laid out in the Municipal Government Act.
  • There was zero consultation with local landowners.
  • The value of land will most certainly plummet should this be approved. The value is already decreasing with the uncertainty.
  • Chestermere doesn’t need the land; it is merely trying to freeze development/growth of a neighbour.
  • Rocky View County is doing the right thing in attracting light industrial/commercial business. Diversifying the tax base keeps taxes low for residents.
  • Conversely, Chestermere has a 96:4 residential:light industrial/commercial tax base ratio. That is unsustainable.
  • Chestermere residents pay among the highest taxes in Alberta as a result of this poor planning.
  • If another government can bypass the established processes of the MGA and annex at whim when it clearly doesn’t need the land, what precedent are we setting for rural landowners in Alberta?
  • We need to maintain competition amongst local jurisdictions for the delivery of residential and commercial lands, to keep the region competitive on a national level.

These are just some of the concerns we are hearing from landowners about this bizarre annexation.

Our property rights matter.

Please write/contact the below officials to communicate your concerns and feel free to copy us on your correspondence.

Thanks again to those of you who made our meeting this week. It was an excellent turnout and very informative. If you couldn’t make it, we hope to see you at our meeting in February.

Honorable Danielle Larivee – Minister of Municipal Affairs 780-310-0000

Leela Aheer – MLA Chestermere Rocky View 403-207-9889

Ric McIver – PC Leader 403-215-4380

Pat Stier – Municipal Affairs Critic—Wildrose 780-427-1707

Find your MLA: 

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  1. Anisha

    This issue has been around for more then one year. The Council has been aware of it, as has the Engineer, Public Works etc. Ask the Group Home Ownwer about the hirsoty and the promises dated back to the last PW Director.

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