Growth Shortfall with County Plan

Growth Shortfall with County Plan

The County Plan came into being one year ago, when Rocky View Council passed the document designed to prescribe our county’s growth over the next 10 years.

There was concern at the time. Many felt the focus on prescribing where development could or could not occur and restricting growth were not the best priorities for achieving the vision of the plan.  (see article and chart… click Housing Starts)

3 thoughts on “Growth Shortfall with County Plan

  1. John Bamlett

    Your article is right on. All areas around Calgary have very solid growth with the exception of Rocky View. This County is CLOSED for business. Sad that a few anti build anything councillors and residents can halt growth in this county.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks John. If we can get folks past the fear and the distortion of information and work together to shape the investment interest and opportunities that are here in Rocky View in the 21st Century – we can set a leading example of how to do it right and Rocky View will become the first choice to live, work and play for existing residents and newcomers when they come to the Calgary Region.

  2. Gloria Wilkinson

    RVC has already given existing residents a further one hundred year supply of residential building opportunities. Let’s see those built first and get the feel of that future.

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