County Plan first year report

County Plan first year report

The  2014 one-year review of the County Plan implementation was presented by Senior Planner Richard Barss at the Policy and Priorities Committee meeting in  Rocky View Council Chambers.

Meeting with Rocky View Policy and Priorities Committee

This review was originally scheduled to be presented on October 7th of 2014; the one year anniversary of the plan.

Richard Barss and the administration at the County requested a two-month extension so that the complete results could be presented on December 2.

On Friday (Nov. 28 ) a 66 page document was presented to committee members  for the Tuesday morning meeting. Councillors effectively had one business day, to suspend any other commitments they may have, and review the material in preparation for Tuesday  morning’s meeting (December 2).

The report was pulled from the website after the presentation. It was then updated and reposted.

The final report is a  66 page report included 15 appendices, 14 figures and 19 tables. For the full report click here..County-Plan-Report-2014.

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