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It’s been nearly two full years since the election of the UCP and still no action on the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB). They continue to let this Calgary controlled board chug along, with its new growth plan sure to trample property rights, local autonomy, and personal freedoms for rural residents if implemented.

And it is not just Rocky View County residents and elected officials sounding the alarm about the potentially damaging ramifications of this Board.

Check out this article in Okotoks Today which communicates the concerns of Foothills County with the Board.

Foothills Reeve Suzanne Oel says the following:

“This draft plan limits development forms to red tape ridden exercises that don’t work for the County, including the densities are too high, there’s no employment areas, there’s caps and locations issues,”  

“This also duplicates what we already have in place with cost-sharing agreements, IDPs (intermunicipal development plans), and other agreements, and effectively creates problems where there aren’t any in order to justify what we would call an overburdening regional plan.”

“Our vision or our hope and what we’re asking for at the board level is to create a win-win. What we’ve been finding at the board, it’s a win-lose.”

Foothills Director of planning Heather Hemingway adds the following:

“Rocky View is regularly turned down for any special requests they might need simply because they’re Rocky View.”

Friends, rural Albertans are receiving the same treatment from this Board that our province receives from the federal government. Those with the population and votes in Ontario and Quebec tie Alberta’s hands through bad policy and restrict our ability to prosper. Sadly, the UCP is doing the same thing to rural Alberta by giving urban bureaucrats and the tax and spend councils of urban municipalities control over your lands. Please contact Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver and tell him this unelected and unnecessary 4th layer of government needs to go.

Minister McIver can be contacted at:

Thank you for your support and we will continue to do our part in holding the government’s feet to the fire on this issue.

At Rocky View 2020, “We Exist to Make Your Voice Heard.”

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