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We had planned on resuming Rocky View 2020 meetings this month, but given the latest provincial announcement on COVID restrictions, we have decided not to hold public meetings at this time. Our work continues, however, and with the upcoming municipal election and the province set to rule on the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board’s (CMRB) Growth Plan in the fall, never has our work been more important.

And on that subject:

For years we have been warning about the dangerous implications of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB). This 4th layer of unelected government is standing in the way of billions of dollars of investment and tens of thousands of jobs in the Calgary Region. It is allowing the absolute trampling of property rights and even celebrates the fact that Calgary politicians and bureaucrats have been given control of rural lands.

Well friends, a new and troubling report has been released which delves into all things regional planning and shines a spotlight on the true nature of this Board and the damage it is doing to free-enterprise and democratic freedoms in Alberta. The report, produced and authored by Peter McCaffrey of The Alberta Institute pulls the veil off this Board and reveals its true intentions, quantified by facts, with a deep dive into the history of regional planning.



Bruce McAllister
Executive Director
Rocky View 2020


I’m very pleased to be able to email you to let you know about a new, in-depth piece of policy research that the Alberta Institute has been conducting over the last few months and is releasing publicly today.

It’s a 92-page study (don’t worry, there’s a short summary too!) into the impact of the new Growth Plan being proposed by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board, an organization set up by the former NDP government and – at least for now – maintained by the current provincial government.

Despite not many having heard of this Board, if you live in the City of Calgary, or one of its surrounding municipalities, this Board is set to act as a fourth level of government, controlling what your local Council can and can’t do on development and planning issues.

If you don’t live in the Calgary region, this policy is still likely to impact you in the long run, as many of the same ideas are being adopted in the Edmonton region, and urban planners working for governments across the province would love to be able to copy this system as well.

For more information about what the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board is, and why you should be concerned about their proposed Growth Plan, you can check out the full report linked at the bottom of this email.

Thank you all for your ongoing support as we work to research and promote ideas that will advance freedom and choice in Alberta.


Peter McCaffrey
Alberta Institute

The Alberta Institute is an independent, libertarian-minded, public policy think tank that aims to advance personal freedom and choice in Alberta.

Link to the executive summary and the full report:

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