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We are getting close to a very important date and we need your help.

On June 1st, the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) is slated to hand its proposed regional growth plan over to the province for review. We have seen drafts of this growth plan and it is not good news for rural landowners and municipalities. Simply put, the proposed plan sterilizes most of the lands in rural municipalities in the Calgary region and unilaterally quashes tens of billions of dollars in investment and countless potential jobs. If you have not seen the proposed plan, you can view the disturbing details here:

We cannot allow this to happen and must do all we can to draw attention to this nonsensical plan so the UCP will do the right thing and refuse to ratify such an anti free-enterprise plan.

Are your future plans impacted by this proposed growth plan? We have heard from many of you and want to make sure we are compiling as much information as possible so we can quantify the impact this ridiculous proposed growth plan will have on the region. Please take the time to fill out this form. We are gathering data, and with your help will be able to show the UCP the devastating implications of implementing this plan. The link is below:

Again, we cannot over emphasize how important the next couple of months are for in this region. The Calgary controlled CMRB is setting up to implement a growth plan that freezes rural lands and investment. We must do all we can to out this anti-democratic, anti-competitive, nonsensical proposed growth plan before it is too late. Please take the time to fill out this form.

Thank you, and please circulate this to any landowner or rural resident who will be impacted by the proposed growth plan.

At Rocky View 2020, We Exist to Make Your Voice Heard.

Your Friends at Rocky View 2020

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