Calgary Herald – Tensions flare – & Audio clips.

Calgary Herald  – Tensions flare –  & Audio clips.

Calgary Herald – Tensions flare – & Audio clips.

Saturday May 30th the Calgary Herald front page includes an accurate article regarding some of the latest tensions with Rocky View and Calgary’s Mayor.  Click for (May 30th front page Calgary Herald).

This article echos the themes of bully tactics by Calgary’s Mayor in the recent  Rocky View Weekly  paper.   Editor’s comment – staff attended

Rocky View 2020’s position is that Rocky View is it’s own jurisdiction and has worked collaboratively with the City of Calgary in decades past.  The Rocky View landowners pay taxes to their municipal district and are represented by their own council that makes the planning decisions for their land surrounding Calgary.

Calgary has no authority to control other jurisdictions even though they keep trying to push the province to force the Counties into the Calgary Metropolitan Plan which would give Calgary’s Mayor and the CRP gang what they want. Power over the entire region.

We hope and trust our new Provincial government will support leaving the decision making as close to the people affected as possible and not support the bully tactics of the Mayor of Calgary and the multi-million dollar taxpayer funded Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP).

Below are some selected Audio clips of the meeting – including the rising frustration levels in the pubic hearing

SELECTIONS OF CALGARY Mayor before Rocky View Council

Mayor Nenshi’s top three priorities – 1. STOP – 2 do it our way – or 3 Threat – We Go to the Province :


HEAT IS ON -“THE MOTHER OF ALL ANNEXATIONS”  Mayor say Calgary Plan is a Must:



STILL HOT –   What he really means is -The option is “do it our way or we go to the province” Reeve has to calm him down :



Councillor Solberg cuts through Mayors Spin :


Mayors “engineers” and County engineers – do not agree:


Mayor “we will fight you for it”


Mayor sees no option of transition zone choice in the Market he wants control of:


For full recording of the Public Hearing  7 hours go to: Full recording

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