Bruce McAllister is a communicator and connector. He works with the brightest community leaders in Alberta to help solve complex problems and bring important conversations to centre stage. Bruce has done this most recently as the Principal of Right Angle Communications and Consulting and as the Executive Director of Rockyview 2020, succeeding by advancing vital issues for clients and constituents.

He is the relentless advocate that people have wanted on their side. His skills in solving problems, and finding people who can, has helped put a spotlight on wasteful bureaucracy and systems that stop up progress. Bruce is comfortable stepping into the fray to find solutions. In his years as an opposition MLA and as the Education Critic, Bruce pursued the government on several important files, and saw important change. He fought for his constituents by bringing in celebrated new services and infrastructure.

Bruce values clarity, pushing towards the heart of an issue. His career began and grew in the news room. He was a journalist and investigative reporter who worked hard in nearly half a dozen Canadian cities before becoming the Global Calgary morning host. Whether it was covering international stories in Saudi Arabia, interviewing newsmakers of the day, or as the welcome voice that kicked off a new day in Alberta, he has an ability to set a tone that moves ideas forward.

Having been in the front of the camera, in the crosshairs of political scrutiny, or on the leading edge of an unfolding issue, Bruce’s skills and experiences offer his partners and clients a truly unique advantage.

Today Bruce’s greatest joy comes from his family. His wife, Lisa, his son and their two daughters have discovered that the best things in life come from family. Bruce often reminds those he works with that no matter what cause they move forward together, they do it all to make this province, businesses, and communities better for those they love. This is his commitment and his passion.