About Rocky View 2020

We are landowners, homeowners, developers, builders, former elected officials and other service providers who care deeply about the future of Rocky View County. An inclusive group, we encourage others who share our vision to become part of shaping a great future for Rocky View County.

We believe Rocky View’s regional role will be of increasing importance as Calgary and Alberta grows. How we accommodate growth and adapt to changing trends and desires will be critical to enhancing lifestyle and economic value.

We believe innovative ideas and exceptional leadership can deliver the progressive, sustainable, vibrant future that current and future residents aspire to enjoy.

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Our History

We are a new group, although most of us have been around the County for a very long time.

We first gathered together when the draft Rocky View County Plan was released in 2013 although we had been concerned for some time that a few, well-organized and highly vocal people were shaping an unsustainable Rocky View County that would negatively impact property values and taxes.

Our group grows with every meeting.

The County Plan will direct community development for at least the next decade.

Although a good start, we were concerned the draft County Plan will not deliver what Rocky View fully needs to improve it fiscal, environmental and social future.