Regional Planning can be good thing

Regional Planning can be good thing

Regional Planning can be good thing but not if Calgary gets all the control over lands they do not legitimately govern.

Recent news :

  1. Nenshi says Fish or Cut bait – He wants Province to give control
  2. Calgary wants control over County
  3. Calgary Herald Article on CRP Monday 12

Mayor Nenshi and sadly Calgary councillor Jim Stevenson do not seem to respect what other elected officials in the Counties and Municipalities do. Land owner rights and democratic representation of tax payers through their own elected councils. When Mayor Nenshi gets frustrated that he cannot trounce these Canadian fundamentals of governance he chooses to threaten to step up the dark leveraging of the City’s largely unused water licence to “control” the region. Basically – Do it my way or no water. If we really want Regional Planning, a good thing, then the province must take away Nenshi’s stick, and distribute water access across the region consistent with the predicted growth. They must also allow other municipalities to provide other market based development options, other than Calgary’s current super high density dictates. Not everyone wants Nenshi’s 8 to 10 units per acre model the CMP forces. The counties can provide options the City of Calgary seems unwilling to do. If the Province has the courage to make these changes then good Regional Planning can proceed. The only one frustrated with that may be Mayor Nenshi.”

Eric C. Lowther

Executive Director – Rocky View 2020

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